Your Guitar Learning System Questions Answered

If you’re just learning how to teach yourself guitar, we want to make sure you have everything you need to get the most from your ChordBuddy system. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our guitar learning system, including how to use it when learning how to play guitar chords and where to find more resources for using ChordBuddy.


What do I need to get started using ChordBuddy in my classroom?

Call Hal Leonard or ChordBuddy today and order your ChordBuddy systems. You need 1 ChordBuddy and 1 Student Book for every guitar in your room. Teachers can order classroom sets of both of these. The Teacher Manual comes with the DVD needed to teach the course.
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What if I have never taught guitar before?

Great! This system is built for you. ChordBuddy Method Book: Volume I, was written so that the teacher doesn’t need to know how to play the guitar to teach the course. Just pass out the guitars, put in the DVD, and let Travis Perry teach your class with you. He will be the model of playing and you can facilitate the learning of the students. It works extremely well, and it allows you to give one-on-one help to the students in your classroom.

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How does ChordBuddy help me teach students with disabilities?

ChordBuddy caters to the needs of all learners. Students can progress at there own pace. With the ChordBuddy color-coded system you will find that kids who struggle with reading chord names will relate best to the colors. The color-coded music helps with this as well.

Students with certain physical disabilities can modify how they play the guitar with the help of the ChordBuddy. It can be played flat on your lap or on a table and students can hold down the buttons over the top of the neck. This allows them to form the same chords and sounds as the rest of the class. You will find no difference in sound when using this modification. For students with more severe needs you can also have another student or a teacher hold down the buttons when the student learns to strum, or the reverse, the student holds the buttons as the helper strums. The modifications and possibilities are endless.
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How fast will I get through each unit?

The units are designed so that the teacher can go at their own pace. Some units might take less time than others. On average you will find it takes close to 5-8 classes for kids to start playing a strum pattern well and with confidence.
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What strum patterns are taught in the student books?

  • Quarter Strum
  • Down/Up Strum
  • Pick Strum
  • Alternate Pick Strum
  • Pop Strum

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How do I know when kids are ready to remove buttons?

Removing buttons can begin as soon as the teacher decides. Some teachers like to teach all 5 strum patterns first and then remove the buttons; others teach a pattern and then start to remove buttons. Our method book I is designed to have the students learn all 5 strum patterns before removing the buttons and learning to play chords on the strings.

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Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us at 877-699-6188 and a member of our ChordBuddy support team will be happy to assist!