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The ChordBuddy guitar learning system has helped thousands of people to learn and play the guitar. Our easy to use system continues to help new players, beginners, students, teachers, special needs children and adults, and many more! See what our customers have to say about the ChordBuddy!

See What Our Customers Are Saying About ChordBuddy

Good afternoon Travis,My name is Bradley Denno I am a Army veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan I served 8 years in the Army. I always enjoyed playing the guitar. In 2007 while I was deployed to Iraq I was stabbed in my left wrist in my radial artery. I lost about 50% motor function in my hand and fingers. I still try to play my guitars, but most of the time I get frustrated because my fingers just won’t do what my brain tells me to. I have watched all of your ChordBuddy videos. I pretty much binged watched all of your videos and anything similar on YouTube. If possible I’d like to try out the ChordBuddy or ez fret. I’d make a video to prove it works. This is the product I’ve been looking for a long time.

I enjoy your Gospel songs the most, I’m a southern Baptist and church service isn’t church service without a guitar. I’d love to start playing in church again one day. Sorry for the long email keep up the good work! I love your videos and if you can spare an extra one I’d greatly appreciate it.

Bradley Denno


I’m a singer and songwriter and I’ve always wanted to play the guitar, especially when I’m writing songs. When I was three years old, I fell and cut my left index finger almost all the way off. Doctors sewed it back, but it never grew like it should have, and it’s about an inch shorter than all my other fingers. So, I could never grip the neck of a guitar to make the chords and play.

I met Travis a few years ago as a musician and learned about the awesome product he invented, the Chordbuddy. So awesome, that he won Shark Tank with it!

It’s perfect for folks like me who have an injury, but it’s also great for teaching children or people who have never played guitar. It gives people the satisfaction of playing quickly and that encourages them to keep playing. One of the guitar players in my road band got one for his grandkids to learn guitar.

Travis has also developed a system to help teach students math by combining it with music. How cool is that?

Because of Chordbuddy, I can play the guitar and I’m so happy about that! Run, don’t walk and go get one! Yes, I LOVE CHORDBUDDY!!!”

-T. Graham Brown

My son started with the ChordBuddy about 3 months before turning 9 years old and he is about to turn 10 years old in just a couple days. He is becoming a pretty good guitar player and even now has a Facebook page with a small following! None of that would be possible without this product and I would love to share! I thank you very much for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

-ChordBuddy Customer

Well…… it’s been almost a month since my CB arrived, and practice is NOT a problem!!I went from many failed attempts of learning to play only to quit in frustration after a couple of days, to not being able to put my guitar down!!!! I sit down to practice for 30 minutes and it turns into 2 hours!!!

Last weekend you helped me realize a life long dream of picking around a camp fire with my buddies who can really play. I strummed along a simple riff of Can’t You See to:


My two friends played around that for a few minutes until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and had to stop so that I could get up and hug their necks!!! It was amazing to make music for the first time ever, and in my favorite environment.

I only have one complaint, and that is the CB is too good of a teacher!! Because of my ability to make chords I’m wanting to fast forward my playing and I’m attempting songs that I have no business trying to play and wouldn’t be attempting this early in my playing.

I’m fighting the urge and spend an hour a day just practicing strum patterns, but songs are hard to resist. It’s also real hard to figure out how to sing when your just learning to strum, and I’ve given up on that until strumming is second nature, and I’m still a long way from there!

With all that said, can you release (so I can buy) a song book that has strum patterns? I’ve found a few things on line but you are my teacher. I’m trying Brown Eyed Girl in your song book with DD UU DU pattern and it sounds ok. My question is do you change chords in the middle of a strum pattern? I can dang near break my wrist trying to do that, much less melting my brain down!

I’ll buy whatever your selling along these lines and/or appreciate any advice you have. Thank you again sir for giving me the gift of music!!!!

-Jeff Copeland

I have been using my Chord Buddy for just over a year now and it’s been worth the $60 price tag! I have spent hours and hundreds of dollars on guitar lessons. I am now able to play my electric Yamaha guitar without using my Chord Buddy. It’s the greatest learning experience ever!! Thanks for making my dreams of guitar hero come true!!


Hi Travis,

A million thank you’s for this invention (training wheels for the guitar). I just wanted to drop you a quick line after only two hours I can do something like this (see the link:!

Musically yours,

Christopher Weber

Good day Travis. I recently retired from the Army and have had such a passion to learn the Guitar. So I went to Guitar Center and purchased the Chord Buddy. I have watched several of your YouTube videos. Truly an amazing tool. Since I have bad arthritis in my hands this is a great invention

Mark Gelling
SFC ARMY Retired

I’m 75 and have 3 ChordBuddys. Use one every day and love it. Told many others about it. And I especially like the CB Jr/Duck Dynasty guitar I got to teach my grandchildren. It’s a great little guitar in its own right and works well for travel.

Thank you!

Thanks!  I have and continue to play with the chord buddy on a lot of songs besides what is in your song book!  I am able to use an app to transpose a lot of current country songs to the key of G!  Been fun!  I just continue to leave it on my guitar because of the ease of playing and a lot of songs are already on the key oh G!  I have enough music to play for at least 3 hours non stop!  It is a a lot of fun!  Thanks for this opportunity!

Ronnie Schlosser


I own 5 guitars (an electric, an acoustic electric, and 3 acoustics.) I have used my Chord Buddy on all of them.  I had a custom Chord Buddy made for my Taylor Mini-GS. This one is my favorite.

ChordBuddy Customer

Hi Travis!

Our adults with differing abilities are still rocking with the Chord Buddy! I am including my co-founder and CAA ED DeAnna Pursai, as she is teaching the adaptive guitar class this quarter. She has pictures of the students in action, and I know through Elena that you have video of our students in class. We are still a very new model of lifelong collegiate education for the individuals we serve and are always looking for donation, discount, and grant opportunities. We provide guitars and chord buddies to each guitar student for the quarter and the classes are growing, and we have really given our books some good use. All wonderful, but we always need more of each item. Let us also know if we can provide anything for you in the way of testimonials or feedback. Your product has truly provided a backbone for our adaptive guitar efforts over the years and we show it to every potential student family and community member who tours our site. Thanks for checking in on the progress of the College of Adaptive Arts’ School of Music-talk to you again soon!

All the best,

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