The ChordBuddy Philosophy

ChordBuddy lets students play songs on the guitar instantly with the push of a button! Our first goal is to let students have FUN with the music and develop a love for the guitar. We know when students are having fun they practice and become better guitar players. Chordbuddy is an easy step by step method to play the guitar on your own.

Our second goal is to make playing the guitar EASY. By pushing a button playing is painless and the chord sounds perfect. This allows the student to focus on developing the right hand skills of steady beat, rhythm, and strum patterns. When a student is ready to move to the next phase of playing then they begin to remove the buttons and play chords on the strings.

What our Teachers say…

“The smiles on my student’s faces are enough to make me a ChordBuddy advocate. They feel success right away and are able to play 4-chord songs day one. I couldn’t be happier.”

“Teaching with the DVD is easy and successful for my kids. I look forward to my lessons!”

“My students are developing the love of playing before we have to worry about the pain of playing on the strings. I really wish I had ChordBuddy years ago to make playing so accessible for my students.”