Free Guitar Lesson Plans & Materials For Teachers

ChordBuddy is dedicated to making teaching the guitar easy and fun for both the teacher and the students. Our free supplemental materials and guitar lessons plans for teachers are based on feedback from teachers. These teachers have identified a need for a certain item and ChordBuddy responds with making the material for them. Now we all get to benefit from their insights. Please contact Leslie or Travis at or if you have something that you would like created for your classroom and we will get to work on it.

Fidget Spinner Fun For The Classroom

Combine your fidget spinner with ChordBuddy and experience a new exciting game that will take your music to the next level. The game is easy to learn and is made for people of all ages!

Elementary Resource #1: ¾ and 4/4 time strum arrows

Directions: Use these color-coded arrows to assist in teaching the down strum to your elementary students. The arrows act as a reminder of which way to strum. The numbers will help students keep musical time as they work on keeping a steady beat in 4/4 or ¾ time.

Elementary Resource #2: Proficiency Scale Playing Journal

Directions: Your teacher book came with a playing journal that will work as you advance through playing. This NEW resource is for the first few days of playing. Students draw a smiley face (positive reinforcement) in the box that matches how they played for the day. They will then set a goal for themselves for next class as to which box they hope to reach with more practice. The bottom of the page has space for students or teachers to write practice reminder notes for students. Use this with your SLO or Student Growth Plan! It tracks growth really well!

Elementary Resource #3: Compose an accompaniment for ChordBuddy using GarageBand

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