Learn How to Teach & Give Guitar Lessons

The Easiest Way to Learn—and Teach—Guitar!

Imagine being able to teach guitar lessons to your students, even if you don’t know how to play guitar. ChordBuddy makes it possible to learn how to give guitar lessons to your students without fear or frustration.

Whether you’re a seasoned guitar teacher or simply want to introduce guitar to your students, this innovative guitar learning system gets students strumming almost instantly so they cultivate the confidence needed to develop better skills and stick with the instrument.

Learn How to Teach Guitar

ChordBuddy Combo Packages include everything needed to teach guitar. Using ChordBuddy Method Book: Volume 1, you will be able to use ChordBuddy with your students even if you do not have experience playing. With just 1 ChordBuddy and 1 Student Book for every guitar in your room—along with a DVD—you can watch your students gain valuable skills almost instantly. ChordBuddy turns students into musicians, making it easier than ever to learn how to give guitar lessons with our guitar teaching materials. By the second lesson, students will play a 2-chord song.

Teaching students with disabilities? ChordBuddy works for everyone. The guitar can be played flat on their laps or on a table and students can hold down the buttons over the top of the neck. This allows them to form the same chords and sounds as the rest of the class. You will find no difference in sound when using this modification. For students with more severe needs you can also have another student or a teacher hold down the buttons when the student learns to strum, or the reverse, the student holds the buttons as the helper strums. The modifications and possibilities are endless when you learn how to give guitar lessons with ChordBuddy!

Our guitar teaching tools include lesson plans, progress check notes, performance rubrics, formal assessments and more. Watch students come alive as their confidence and interest in guitar begin to soar—as will your sense of pride in them!

Learn how to give guitar lessons with ChordBuddy. If you have questions, contact us or call 877-699-6188.