Our Partner at Fred Kelly Picks

About Fred Kelly Picks
Kelly’s Picks offers a unique array of high-quality, custom designed thumb picks to musicians world-wide. All picks seen in this web site are created by Fred Kelly, a music enthusiast himself. His experience with guitar playing has allowed him to conceive a variety of picks, to meet many different needs. The superb craftsmanship of these picks is ensured through a reliable production process and durable materials.

Our Beginnings
Fred’s love for guitar playing began when he was a young child. He loved strumming with a flat pick, and this suited his needs until one day, when he heard Merle Travis on an old 45 record. He was extremely intrigued by Merle’s picking style, and played the record over and over, eventually wearing it out. He tried many different ways of simulating Merle’s picking style using a flat pick, but all were unsuccessful. He then tried a standard thumb pick, but all on the market were too bulky and uncomfortable. This inspired Fred to fashion his first unique thumb pick, the speed pick. He designed the pick with a slim shank to allow precision and speed, and with a comfortable, securely fitting thumb hole.

Our Variety
Because of the overwhelming positive response to the speed pick he received from fellow guitar players, Fred was inspired to create more custom picks. He now offers the largest variety of pick styles available on the market. He knows that each guitar player has their own specific needs, and he works hard to meet them. That’s why Fred’s picks come in multiple blade gauges, materials, sizes, and even left-handed models.

Our Guarantee
When you purchase a Fred Kelly pick, you can be certain that you are receiving a reliable, well-made product. Each pick is injection-molded in Fred’s work studio by Fred and his family.

Injection-molding is a dependable process, ensuring consistency in shape and weight throughout an entire run of picks.

Our Materials
The materials used in his picks are delrin, polycarb, and nylon. All are long-lasting, and have their own unique qualities. Delrin is an extremely strong, unbreakable material, and provides a very soft and natural sound on the strings. Polycarb is also very strong, and has an appealing transparent color. The sound created from a polycarb pick is louder and brighter than that from the delrin or nylon. The nylon material is used only in the flat picks, and is very durable yet flexible. The nylon also creates a softer sound on the strings. Choose which best suits your needs!


If you have further questions about us and our picks, please call us! 1-989-348-2938