ChordBuddy can be used to teach music to special learners and people of all abilities

Teaching guitar to special learners, such as those diagnosed autism, down syndrome, and/or other intellectual or social disabilities and of all abilities is made accessible with the ChordBuddy. This system is designed for every type of learner and meets students needs for audio, visual, and kinesthetic learning. Using a ChordBuddy can enhance a child’s ability to develop guitar skills at their own pace and can be used as an adaptive tool to meet their needs. Students simply press the color-coded buttons to play a chord, and begin to strum. The ChordBuddy system can be used to modify students musical goals in order for students of all abilities to be able to play guitar, including those with physical limitations. ChordBuddy offers students a melodic and harmonic experience on the guitar that might not otherwise be possible and opens up a world of musical opportunity that otherwise may not be possible.

This system is designed for every type of learner, making it possible for virtually everyone to enjoy playing the guitar. ChordBuddy can also be used as a tool in music therapy! Board certified music therapists often work with students with disabilities. When working with a certified music therapist, ChordBuddy can be used to meet an array of music therapy goals for people of all abilities in various settings. Simply press the color-coded buttons to play a chord, and begin to strum. The ChordBuddy system is a way of adaptive music so that students with disabilities can play the guitar despite intellectual, social, or physical limitations. With ChordBuddy, students do more than hear the music- They play in themselves!

ChordBuddy comes complete with a DVD, songbook and other materials tailored for teaching music to students with special needs. You’ll find everything you need to build a lesson that will enlighten students—and you can do it even if you do not play guitar. As we roll out more tips for using ChordBuddy, they are also available on this website.

See for yourself why ChordBuddy works to teach music to autistic and other students with special needs—order your ChordBuddy system today! To contact us, click here or call 877-699-6188.