UkeBuddy Combo with Teton TS003 Soprano Ukulele


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UkeBuddy Combo

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    The Ukulele Buddy combo will help you learn to play the ukulele! This easy to use learning system is for children and adults of all ages that are looking to increase their musical talent!

    The UkeBuddy helps you learn, by putting the focus on the strumming hand and assisting in the making of the chords in the beginning. As you gain confidence and learn strumming patterns, the UkeBuddy tabs can be removed as you learn to play the chords. We also have a FREE UkeBuddy App available on Google Play and iTunes, which contains lesson videos on how to play several songs.

    The Teton TS003 SOPRANO ukulele is a great playing, great sounding ukulele! This uke is an entry level uke that does not look, play, or sound like a beginner uke. The vintage mahogany finish makes the grain pop and the open grain gives this instrument a surprising amount of resonance and volume. This ukulele features:

    • Seventeen Nickel Silver Frets
    • Vintage Matte Mahogany Finish (top/back/sides)
    • Precision Open Geared Tuning Keys
    • Aquila Strings

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