Playing Guitar with Arthritis

The Pain-Free Way to Learn Guitar Chords

Playing guitar with arthritis used to be unheard of until ChordBuddy came around. Using this system makes it easy to learn guitar chords and begin playing your favorite songs despite the pain that comes with arthritis. It really is possible to play the songs you love without pain associated from traditional guitar playing.

Now anyone can learn guitar and play with ease. The device attaches to almost any guitar and comes with supplementary materials that teach you how to use it. Just press the color-coded tabs to play the guitar chords. There’s no straining to hold down strings, which is extremely painful for people playing guitar with arthritis. Before you know it, you’ll be playing guitar…pain free!

ChordBuddy founder Travis Perry understands how debilitating arthritis can be. He gave his mother ChordBuddy. She had previously experienced excruciating arthritis, but was able to play the guitar with arthritis using the system. His mother found so much joy from being able to play at a time when she otherwise would have had to give up her beloved hobby. ChordBuddy can do the same for you!

Watch ChordBuddy in action, and see why it’s the best way to learn guitar. To contact us, click here or call 877-699-6188.