ChordBuddy Neck Gator


ChordBuddy Neck Gator

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The pandemic has changed many things – now people are wearing facemasks. Some folks are wearing boring blue facemasks, others are showing their personal style. We found the best one out there is the Neck Gator.

The ChordBuddy Neck Gator is a Face Mask, Beanie, Hairband, Bandana, Headband, Balaclava, or Hair Tie – all in one! The ChordBuddy Neck Gator is a limited edition, special item that Travis commissioned just for you, the fans of ChordBuddy.

This is the perfect gift for someone you know – or yourself. We thought it would be fun to have these, and the demand was immediate for the ChordBuddy Neck Gator. Before we run out, order today.

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