Learn to Play the Guitar with these Helpful Resources

When it comes to learning how to play guitar chords, you simply can never have too much help on your side. Whether help comes in the form of the ChordBuddy, an essential guitar learning tool, or a helpful resource, we’ve got you covered. Check out the following link for everything you need to most benefit from ChordBuddy.

Business and Professional Resources

  • SharkTank: We’re proud to have boosted our business with the help of ABC’s SharkTank! This popular reality TV program features prominent business entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in talented individuals across the United States.
  • Robert Herjavec: ChordBuddy is thrilled to be backed by the investment of SharkTank’s Robert Herjavec. Learn more about one of North America’s most recognizable business leaders.

Music Supplies and Resources

  • NAMM: The National Association of Music Merchants is a non-profit that promotes the music making industry. They host trade shows and seek out the newest innovations in the industry, including music products, sound and lighting, and recording technology. Check out their website to stay on top of the latest music making news.
  • Guitar Center: Guitar Center is one of the leading suppliers of music equipment, especially related to guitars. In addition to guitars and gear, they offer tips and resources for learning to play. See if there is a location near you or shop online!
  • West Music: West Music supplies a wide variety of music equipment and materials for teaching music. It’s a great resource for teachers and students who are new to the world of music. Shop online or find a location near you!

Other Resources

  • Single ThrowSingle Throw is a top internet marketing firm that has helped many companies, including ChordBuddy, increase their visibility online! Visit their website and see how Single Throw can help you increase your business online.
  • Larry Bailin: Larry Bailin is a leading internet marketing and motivational speaker. He recently spoke at a National Association of Music Merchants show, receiving top reviews! If you’re looking for inspiration to get your business off the ground and be successful online, look to Larry.

If you have any questions about our association with the following resources, or, simply want to learn more about ChordBuddy, feel free to call customer support at 877-699-6188.