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You are about to become an overnight rock star! You could quite literally start leading campfire kumbayas within minutes of installing this device!

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It is impossible to play the guitar without a tuner! It is an absolute must for every beginning guitar player. Even if you played the chords perfectly, it would still sound awful without the right tuner! This is the ONLY time you will see our tuner at this price. Take advantage now!

"I feel like I have a skill now that I never had!"

"Completely different from everything else that's being taught!"

"It's like training wheels for the guitar!"

"I never thought I'd be able to play ..."

"It's fun, it's easy, and you do learn lots!"
C. Lavigne
"Highly recommended for anyone that would like to start playing guitar"
R. Bings
"The ChordBuddy is like magic!"
Richard W.
"I would recommend this to any and all to get through those first couple months on the guitar"
Johnny R.
"This item truly is my buddy and has made my guitar my best friend!"
"The product can get anyone playing!"
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