The Five Life Hacks Every Guitarist Needs

Five Guitar Playing Life Hacks

Because you play, you should know the hacks. Nothing will replace hard, well-suited practice, but a few tricks exist to sidestep boring sessions, nonproductive play and typical guitar dilemmas. Sure, we love practice as much as the next person, but we appreciate the home-brewed life hacks below. Check them out, and take advantage of your session’s full potential!

Hack One: Wake up Early

What? No, we’re not your parents, but waking up early will increase your productivity and creativity. Relayed through, a guitar player’s resource, facts surrounding early-bird play suggest a massive spike in learning capabilities.

The human mind is more creative when alone, and playing as the world sleeps can jumpstart your own songs, invigorate your style and craft awesome chord progressions. Playing late at night similarly works, but mental fatigue can fog up your play.

Hack Two: Tune with the Neck Pickup, and Tone Down

Tuning with the neck pickup will increase your tuner’s accuracy. It’ll get you into your groove quicker, and it’ll remove any error from your tuning session. It also reduces the amount of time needed to tune every string.

Additionally, it removes the tuner’s nasty tendency to not lock solidly. By tuning neck-down, your frequency will be quicker and more fortified.

Hack Three: Use a Pencil to Stay in Tune

Pencils, too, can help you stay in tune, reports Too often, guitar players notice their guitar “slipping” out of tune at the nut slots. Strings catch, and they can be pulled out of tune. Use a pencil to mark the nut slot as a tune “placeholder.” If you go out of tune, the pencil mark will show you. Don’t worry, it’ll erase quickly. Simply rub it off when you’re finished.

Hack Four: Use a Cloth when Stretching Your Strings

When engaging a fresh restring, place a cloth in your hand. Glide it up and down each string’s length while stretching it. This adds friction, which heats up the string. A heated string will “get used” to its tension quicker, reducing downtime spawned by stubborn strings.

Hack Five: Play Along to Recorded Versions

Here, displays an excellent video discussing some of the world’s best guitar play hacks. They suggest playing along to a studio-recorded version of your song while learning. Your ear naturally picks up rhythms, and studio-edited tracks carry perfect tones.

Additionally, playing in such a way reveals previously unheard melodies. These melodies are vital to understanding a song’s components. They can even reveal new play patters. If you’re having difficulty, set a portion of the song on repeat. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll adjust to the needed areas.

It should be said: Nothing can replace practice. ChordBuddy is here to help, and it’s foundational learning system can greatly speed up your play ability. While the above life hacks help too, they can’t substitute good, old-fashioned day-to-day practice. Browse the web, and check out guitar communities offering tips and tricks geared towards learners. The world is filled with positive advice, and you’re creative enough to use it!