Guitar Chords For Any Beginner: The First Four Chords Any Beginner Guitarist Should Learn to Play

The first four chords any beginner guitarist should learn to play are G, C, D, & E minor. The reason is because almost any song written since the time man began clanking animal bones together to create melodies can be played with these four chords. While many songs these days are written and played with different chords because they sound slightly better, they can still all be played with just these four basic chords, which is why these are the perfect guitar chords for anyone who are taking beginner lessons.

The photos below show you how to create the chords. As you are beginning to learn to play the guitar, be sure to master these before advancing to other chords that are used less-often.

The ChordBuddy® was designed with all of this in mind. Set in the Key of G and using the 4 basic chords (G, C, D, and E minor), there is not a song which can’t be taught on the ChordBuddy®. It allows you to use buttons, similar to popular video games, to learn these primary chords. As each chord is learned, the tab removal system allows for easy transition to playing without a ChordBuddy® and becoming a better guitarist. ChordBuddy makes beginning guitar easy and much less frustrating than taking guitar lessons.