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Tuners & Metronomes

Tuners & Metronomes

4-tuner- the A8 tuner is the one we recommend for the this reason - it is a Tri -color screen that lets you know when you are flat (under pitch) which is orange; Green when in tune and (most of all) RED when you are shap ( above the pitch this is IMPORTANT because  most guitar strings are broken from being tightened to much from the person tuning not realizing they are over the pitch

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Chordbuddy Capo-Tuner
If your like most guitar players you use a clip on tuner and a capo, ChordBuddy has solved this prob..
ChordBuddy Clip on Mini Tuner
The tuning screen changes from orange to green when the string is tune. Tuning screen is adjustable ..
ChordBuddy Metronome
The ChordBuddy Metronome is a GREAT practice aid.and simple to use. Features: built in speak..
ChordBuddy tuner
‚ÄčThe ChordBuddy CBT-510 clip on tuner comes in 4 colors (black is out of stock) and has 4 tuning mod..

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